The Newark Anchor Collaborative (NAC) is an anchor initiative of the Newark Alliance. NAC serves as a community of practice among Newark-based institutions dedicated to the city’s economic revitalization. NAC is an action-oriented think tank comprised of private and public institutional leaders from multiple fields and industries. Together, rather than apart, NAC anchors are spearheading initiatives that promote a vibrant and inclusive Newark economy.

Members of NAC are all members of the Newark Alliance.  Each institution has committed to leveraging their philanthropic assets, organizational assets, and business capabilities to drive inclusive community economic growth, create more economic opportunity, build a healthier community, and generate a richer quality of life for all Newark residents. NAC members include the following institutions:

NAC is contributing to Newark’s economony through a variety of efforts including  a hire local, buy local, and live local strategy.  In doing so, NAC is engaging with Newark’s  diverse small business, job-seeker, renter, and homeowner communties.  The community of practice NAC creates strengthens the capacity of local anchor institutions ensure equitable growth in Newark. Collectively, NAC members are playing a vital role in the Newark community and economy.

Signature Program on Racial Equity

Since 2019, NAC has been pursuing a Signature Program on Racial Equity to enhance the capacity of Newark’s ecosystem of anchor institutions, representing numerous sectors and industries, to end systemic racism in their locality and region.  NAC’s Signature Program on Racial Equity was developed in order to create a forum through which NAC members could strengthen their capacity to address racial equity internally and externally.  Together, NAC members are pursuing practical approaches to reduce racial inequities, expand opportunities for communities of color, and eliminate racial injustices. 

Newark Anchor Collaborative
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